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La Paz County Sheriff Detention Officer /Job Description and Benefits

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Under direct supervision of the on-duty Shift Supervisor, or general supervision of facility command staff, is responsible for maintaining a secure detention facility and the safe custody of inmates. Performs a variety of technical and administrative tasks associated with facility operations and the incarceration of prisoners.




  •  Supervise and control inmate behavior during the operation of the detention center; or restrain by force if necessary, using handcuffs and other appropriate restraints
  •  Exercise appropriate judgment in handling of special needs situations or inmates; provide assistance in classification of inmates
  • Communicate effectively and coherently with other staff or inmates with approved facility communication devices including the telephone system, intercom system, and portable or base radios; demonstrate effective communication skills with inmates, public, staff and Officers from a variety of jurisdictions.
  • Perform searches of people, vehicles, mail items, objects capable of concealing contraband, buildings, indoor and outdoor areas which may involve feeling or detecting objects, walking, kneeling, bending or stooping for long periods of time
  • Maintain control over inmates by always being aware of their location and documenting such
  • Administer basic emergency first aid
  • Transport or escort inmates (hostile, aggressive, passive, etc.) using handcuffs and other approved restraints in accordance to policy and procedure
  • Transport/Escort inmates to Court as required. Provide Court Security.
  • Read and comprehend legal and non-legal documents including the processing of such documents as medical instructions, commitments, release orders, summons, and other documents
  • Maintain weapon, equipment and uniforms in functional condition as prescribed for by departmental policy
  • Maintain inmate property and storage
  • Collect, resolve and/or direct to appropriate individual or division, inmate complaints, grievances or requests
  • Supervise working inmates on work details
  • Have basic knowledge of kitchen and laundry duties
  • Prepare investigative and other reports or documentation, including sketches as necessary using appropriate grammar, symbols and mathematical computations including filing, alphabetizing and labeling
  • Endure verbal and mental abuse when confronted with hostile views of opinions of inmates and other persons in an antagonistic environment
  • Process and release inmates including taking photographs and legible sets of inked fingerprints, and/or palm prints
  • Observe and control visitors and inmates prior to, during and after visits
  • Report facility mechanical failures
  • Perform related duties and other responsibilities as assigned





  • Pertinent Federal, State and local laws, codes, ordinances and resolutions
  • Principles, methods and techniques of investigation including gathering, preservation and presentation of evidence
  • Laws of arrest, search and seizure
  • Modern office practices, methods and computer equipment
  • Principles and procedures of record keeping and reporting
  • Procedures, methods and techniques of basic first aid and CPR
  •  Safe driving principles and practices


  • Operate modern office equipment including computers
  • Safely operate and qualify with duty firearms
  • Demonstrate personal defensive tactics


Ability to:

Apply knowledge and reasoning to make prompt and effective decisions quickly in both routine and non-routine situations including those situations that would be considered “life and death”.

  • Evaluate alternatives; make sound decisions in a timely manner, size up a situation quickly and take appropriate actions
  • Write clearly and concisely; use acceptable grammar, punctuation and spelling; write reports which are organized, complete, accurate and factual
  • Be sensitive to the feelings of others and resolve problems in ways that do not arouse antagonism
  • Adapt to changes in working conditions (e.g., changes in assignment, shift changes and different types of incidents either incidentally or continuously, etc.)
  • Proceed on assignments without waiting to be told what to do; make an effort to improve skills and keep informed of new developments in field; exert the effort needed to make sure the job is done right, the first time; be consistently productive
  • Follow orders, rules and regulations
  • Prepare and maintain accurate and factual records
  • Work independently in the absence of supervision
  • Understand and follow written or verbal instructions
  • Maintain a high degree of personal and professional honesty and integrity
  • Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing

 Special Requirements:

  • Detention Officer Basic Course
  • Weapons Qualification
  • All deputies must maintain certification in CPR
  • Deputies shall be certified with other duty specific equipment and weapons
  • High School Diploma (or equivalent)
  • Arizona Drivers License (or ability to obtain one)


  • Annual Salary Range: $29,000 – $40,748 (16 Steps)
  • A lateral Detention Officer may be hired at pay steps above entry level depending on qualifications, training and experience, with authorization from the Sheriff and the County Board of Supervisors
  • 10 Paid Holidays per year
  • Health Insurance;  Employee and Dependents:
    • Employee is fully paid for by County for Medical, Vision & Dental
    • Optional Dependent Coverage: 50% County cost share
    • Other health benefits (i.e. Aflac) available
  • Arizona State Employee Retirement System
    • Paid by Employee & County - pre-tax
  • Uniform Allowance: $1,200.00 per year (non-taxable)
  • Annual Vacation:
    • 80 hours after initial employment
    • 120 hours after 5yrs
    • 160 hours after 10yrs
  • Sick Leave: 80hrs per year
  • Educational Program: Job related educational expenses may be reimbursed 
Dowload, print, complete and mail/deliver the following application. Note that some portions require Notarization:

*Employment Application
*Arizona POST Statement & Application (required only if applying for Certified Deputy position)

*Adobe Reader required

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